Wednesday, 8 October 2014

#LBDPARTY - Little Black Dress Collection

Courtesy of Little Black Dress

Last week, we were invited to the launch of the first ever collection of online Manchester-based fashion retailer, Little Black Dress. The brand showcased their amazing collection of, you guessed it, black dresses at Manchester House, one of the city's hottest restaurant/bars.

The setting was perfect - skyline views of the city from the 12th floor bar, glasses of champagne flowing and delightful canapés crafted by Michellin starred Aiden Byrne - a blogger's dream!

The collection was even more perfect - 18 dresses inspired by 18 fashion icons and designed for the modern woman. It's divided into five different moods because we all know we dress to our mood. One day we might want to be sexy or feminine, the next glamorous or classic and somedays have a unique vibe. The prices of the dresses range from £75 to £120.

The event was packed full of bloggers, celebrities, PR people and publishers, who all seem to have fallen head over heels with the collection. And who could blame them! There was something for every woman regardless of her style or shape.

Our favourites were the Kate Dress - inspired by Kate Moss in her 90s Johnny Depp phase, and the Coco Dress - inspired by Coco Chanel.

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Limited Edition Creme Brûlée Magnum - Exclusive to Selfridges

As part of the 25 years of Magnum celebrations, Magnum have released a limited edition Creme Brûlée flavour exclusively to Selfridges. 

At £3 a pop, this ice-cream is a little-pricey but makes the perfect mid-shopping treat this summer. 

Creme brûlée just happens to be one of our favourite desserts so we were more than ecstatic to try the ice-cream. Described as a custard flavoured ice cream with a caramel sauce, caramelised sugar pieces, coated in milk chocolate, this magnum comes individually packaged in its own cardboard box - very selfridges! 

If you've had a Magnum before, you will be familiar with the rich milk chocolate coating of their ice creams and this one is no different. After you break into the chocolate shell, your tastebuds are met by a creamy custard flavoured ice-cream laced with a sticky sweet caramel sauce. 

Our favourite bits were the crunchy caramelised sugar pieces which were in abundance and added a bit of texture to the ice-cream. However after eating half of the product, we both became a bit overwhelmed by its sweetness so this ice-cream is for people with a very sweet tooth!